Master Your Breath, Master Your Life

Jessie Laute

Did you know by mastering your breath you can master the emotions in you life?

Jessie is a highly intuitive Breathwork & Wellbeing Coach with a passion for working
with people through methods of coaching and breathwork to help them live a truly
authentic life and reach their full potential.

Who Is this Masterclass For?

This Masterclass is for women who want to stop feeling so overwhelmed and who want to discover simplistic tools to reduce stress and chaotic states.

Jessie takes you through various breathwork techniques to help you in all situations in life.

If you can master your breath, you really can master your life.

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn…

 To become aware of your own breathing pattern

 How to change your breath to change how you are feeling

 How we control our emotions with our breath

 Techniques to help let go and manage stress

 Receive a guided breathing meditation

Module One

Welcome in, let’s talk about breath

Module Two

Opening the physical Breath and reducing stress

Module Three

Emotional release through our breath

Module Four

Reconnecting with self, higher self and your intuition

Module Five

Guided breathwork meditation

Module Six

Recap of breathwork techniques – what breathwork to use and when