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Awaken the Goddess within

 Embracing the magic of life, to grow your mind, soul & business 

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Who we are and how can we help you…

The Conscious Female Entrepreneurs are a collective of Alpha Femme Entrepreneurs who combine spiritual practices, rituals alongside business strategies, to lead an abundant life in complete flow and alignment.

This membership is for you if:

 You feel like you have been juggling life and commitments for so long, that you have lost all sense of yourself along the way.

 You often feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You may overthink your decisions in life and in business. You get tied up trying to do ‘all the things’ without any real success or direction, trying to figure it out as you go.

 You know you are meant for more. You have a vision for how you want your life and business to look, but you don’t know how to get there, or sometimes question if you even believe it.

 You understand the magic of spirituality, and want to know how to tap into it more, to add sparkle to your life and unleash your full potential.

We’ve got you.

Inside the membership group, we will help you to:

 Develop unshakable confidence, and overcome the limiting beliefs that have held you back, and create overwhelm.

 We will show you the strategies that will grow your business while remaining in flow and alignment, where making money feels effortless and certain.

 We will show you how to incorporate spiritual practices into your daily life, to access the full power of your feminine energy, spirit, and the universe, to remain in flow and abundance.

 Live a life that your future self will thank you for

For less than the price of your daily coffee, you will have access to a complete toolkit that provides you with everything that you need to ensure your business success and unleash your highest potential.

Are you ready to invest in your success,

and claim back your power?

Ready to get started?

Spiritual Growth

Are you ready to fully understand how manifestation, spirit and energy work, work with us to tap into your wisdom and guidance and incorporate it into your everyday life?

Encompass your inner Goddess, and release the power of the Divine feminine (she always has the answers), to prioritise your desires and make them happen.

Are you finally ready to live an empowered, high vibe life? To receive the abundance that’s our birth right, by tapping into the limitless potential of The Universe?

Business Growth

What if we told you, making money doesn’t have to be hard? Grow your business, and serve your customers, with complete confidence, using proven strategies that work taught by our industry experts.

Learn at your own pace, and shortcut your success with our complete toolkit of Masterclasses and resources, that will scale your business, increase your growth and maximise your visibility.

Whether you are an aspiring Female Entrepreneur who is just starting out, or a seasoned business owner who is fed up of playing it small, we are here to support you on your Journey.  


Sister, no need to go it alone anymore!

As a CFE member, you will have exclusive access to our uplifting Facebook community of high vybe, high energy fellow Female entrepreneurs.

Your soul sisters will support and inspire you to dream bigger and encourage you every step of the way. When one sister rises, we all rise.


Tap into the power of the Collective feminine energy to quantum leap your business success. 

Network with empowered Female business leaders, who will cheer you on, keep you accountable and inspire you to know what is possible for you too.

Building meaningful relationships, that support your success, is a key part of our mission.   

A taste of what’s to come inside the membership…

Business Toolkit

You know you have an incredible business or service, but no one else knows about it!

Grow your business with confidence, using trusted and proven strategies, led by our industry experts. No need to feel overwhelmed, and under pressure, to do all of the things any longer! We will show you the activities that matter, and allow you to get back to focussing your energy on what you do best, serving your customers. Each of our Masters, have been hand selected for their expertise, to ensure you have everything you need to quantum leap your success.

Learn at your own pace, and access your Masterclasses and resources as needed. We show you how to grow your audience, cost effective ways to market your business, increase your visibility, brand your business like a pro and more!

Physic Development Workshops

How would it feel to make every decision with confidence, knowing that it is the right one for you?

How would it feel to experience the loving support of The Universe and your spirit guides to move from believing to knowing that you are being served to your highest good?

Each month we will be diving deep into spiritual workshops that will tap into, and develop your natural psychism. Learn to trust your intuition fully, unleash your unlimited creative energy and communicate with your own personal spirit guides. Learn from the divine wisdom that surrounds you, as you step forward into the highest vibration, version of yourself.

New Moon Rituals

You have tried thinking positive thoughts, but so far your manifesting attempts have fallen short?

Working with the magic of lunar cycles is the missing link! Connect to the Divine feminine energy and join us for our monthly Full and New Moon rituals, where we learn how to manifest with its energy. Let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you, step into its beautiful feminine energy and get ready to experience the unlimited potential of its power.

Accompanied with beautiful chanting by Moonologist, Jo Ripley, who has studied with renowned expert and author, Yasmin Boland, this is a truly powerful ritual that will leave you with no doubt, that the Universe really does have your back.

High Vibrational Live Ceremonies

Raise your vibrations and experience the power of the collective in our monthly live ceremonies. Tap into the full extent of the Universal forces that are at play and available to you. Join us for our monthly ceremonies such as energy healing, soundbaths, reiki healing, past life regressions, astral travel and more. Move forward with a deeper knowing of the Universe, God, the Divine and spirit, fully supported by its unlimited love and beauty.

Guided Meditations

Do you feel lost, or in need of direction? Do you feel overwhelmed and overthink your decisions?

Are you unsure which path to take, and lack faith that you will make the right call?

Find the answers that you have been searching for, by visiting your Akashik Records through our guided meditation. Learn how to access the full compendium of Universal events, in the past, present and future and be guided by its divine wisdom.

Move forward with certainty and confidence and embrace the limitless potential of the future that is waiting for you.

What are you waiting for?

I am so thankful for you and everything you do and have put together! This is just what I need and feel super excited to start learning, and be involved in this amazing collective with you all!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


I attended the first CFE workshop yesterday and WOW, WOW, WOW. It was amazing! Spiritually, physically, and emotionally I am spent and really came to the class with a heavy mind and heart. But 20 minutes in I started to feel lifted and saw hope on the horizon. Jess somehow came into my life at that perfect moment, I had been asking the Universe for some help for a while and was really giving up hope. Then along came Jess and her amazing group. Becoming a founding member was a no brainer.. I cannot wait to see what 2021 brings, and look forward to all the amazing stuff, you have planned for us.  


Thank you Jess for the See, Believe, Receive workshop. It was so helpful for me going forward into the new year. I absolutely loved the worksheet you created. It really helped me see clearly what I need to work towards, and remove any blockages, that may be stopping me moving forward! I also love how I can use this over and over to help me focus on my goals! So excited for the next workshop and Masterclasses! So grateful!


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