The Awakening of

The Alpha Femme

Welcome to the Alpha Femme. The divine entwinement of your masculine and your feminine. The place where you set your full potential free.

This opportunity is for a very limited number of Female Entrepreneurs.

I’ve been overwhelmed, stressed, and lacked money and time…all of the time.

The truth is you do not need excessive funds to create wealth, you do not need more time, you have everything you need in this now moment to absolutely thrive beyond your desire.

I went from having no money most of the month to having more than enough every month, and now I don’t worry about my finances.

In the past 6 years, I have learned how to have more money, more sanity, and more time. (Whilst having more children – 4, soon to be 5 to be exact)!

The Awakening Of the Alpha Femme is a 3 day intensive for mastery of your mind, money, and business growth. It is to the birth of your multi-six-figure strategy, to awaken your abundance codes, and to work with your divine masculine, and divine feminine.

We are all the Alpha Femme, the question is, are you ready to awaken her?

Please only apply if you are serious and committed to the growth of your business. Spaces are extremely limited so we can focus our attention on our Alpha Femmes. The three-day intensive focuses on creating your multi six-figure strategy, reducing overwhelm, and making you accountable to hit your financial and personal goals for 2021. It is to accelerate your growth. 

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