Sara Scott

Using Instagram Like A Pro!!! 

Is it time to figure out how to use Instagram like the professionals use it? Would you like to know how we can tap into the thousands of people who are your ideal client and finally start to serve them? And, create a steady stream of revenue and start manifesting the business we set out to do, from anywhere in the world? 


About Me…

Hey rockstars, I’m Sara!! I left the 9-5 game in 2017 to travel the world and never looked back!

My full time income now comes from Instagram! It began when I would read all about Instagram influencers earning $1000’s every month that I thought yeah I can do that!

While influencers were getting all the fame in the papers no one was really talking about how you can use Instagram as a solid business tool positioning yourself to your dream clients with the funds flowing in all organically!!!

That’s when I knew I’m going to serve as many people as I can to do the same and build their own laptop lifestyle working from wherever they want.

Fast forward two years and I’ve helped more than I can count achieve £1k, £5 and £10k months consistently without ads, PLUS many have hit over 10k followers and in 2020 an all time record breaker in a matter of months.

NO ads and sold out their online programs. NO bots, NO engagement pods just simple step by step strategies that bring in EPIC results.

The ONE THING we all overlook with Instagram is no one can be YOU and what you bring to the table is what makes you unique and is ultimately your superpower that NO ONE can take! Plus your dream audience is waiting and ready to invest in you!

In my Masterclasses, you’ll learn…


 The algorithm breakdown

 Is Instagram registering you and your business to attract your dream clients?

 Are you positioning yourself like a pro? Insight Power!

Proven hashtag strategy!

 Captions that enhance post performance 

Fun fact…

Sara started her business in Bali where all she had was a Samsung tablet, pen and paper and at the time a very basic smartphone she had to buy in Bali! Fast forward 3 years and Sara is a multiple six-figure business owner.

Masterclass One

Using Instagram Like A Pro

Masterclass Two

Story Strategy & Engagement Booster

Business Details

A social media strategist, here to take away those long hours you feel you need to put into your social media profiles for them to explode. 

I’m obsessed with organizations and analytics. (I used to have the nickname ‘spreadsheet queen’ – no joke)  I’ve found a simple way you can manage all your social media and see your audience grow, engage, and get SALES!

Through training, mentoring and coaching I can help you grow your profile, build your audience and enter into lucrative partnerships with brands.