Leanne Brown

After leaving the reality TV show ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’ it forced me to do some real soul searching about what it was I wanted to do.

What made me happy? Doing reality tv was a huge learning curve for me and I had grown so much during and still am now!
I began my journey of self-help and working towards helping empower others. 
I now run a successful well-being brand ‘With Love Leanne’ and help thousands of women on my platform to get to know themselves better.

About Me…

I got involved in ‘One Woman At A Time’ a charity that supports women subject to FGM (female genital mutilation) forced marriage and gender based violence.
Having 3 girls of my own this horrified me this barbaric practice still goes on all around the world. I traveled to Kenya, Africa and India and was able to learn first hand what these girls have to go through and the difficulties women face round the world.
Since I have got involved in another charity called NSM Foundation which helps young girls locally in Manchester from under privileged areas or ones that are struggling with mental health or just lack in confidence. 
I love to connect with people. What’s really important to be able to give back life is about having a purpose and by doing so it makes me feel good too! I written my self help journal Girl Got Grit and released it 18 months ago.
My new venture is one I’m really excited about withloveleanne.com which is a reflection on my vision of the future and how humanity needs to begin to remember who we are, unconditional love, we are divided by hate through race, religion, feminism, ego ultimately we are all one, energy that is able to vibrate at a level that will conquer all.
I have printed t shirts and other products with the statement birth place earth, race human, politics freedom, religion love. Recently I have added my own meditation scripts which is something I have really enjoyed writing and am so passionate about, it’s such an incredible tool that all should practice young and old! There is so many exciting opportunities, for me in the near future, to be revealed and I can’t wait to share with you. I hope you enjoy this master class all based around self love we all need to do more of this.


Get to know me better…


 Mother to three incredible little women

 I have learned to play the singing bowls

 My passion is supporting women with their voice

 My book Grit is all about transformation


Masterclass One

Learn To Love Yourself. Raise Your Vibration And Attract More

Fun fact…

I channel higher dimensions with Jessica in corn fields, we connect and accept.

Business Details

Best selling author to the transformational book ‘GRIT’ , public speaker, and serial entrepreneur for all things spiritual.