Jessica Cunningham

Most people are scared to do something new, whether that is to start a business, buy clothes outside their comfort zone, put themselves on a dating website….or whatever it is. Most people believe that they are not good enough or unworthy of greatness.

I went from having everything to losing everything and hitting rock bottom.  But I chose to rise and I rose high.

The answer to success is your mindset.

Once you experience an extraordinary mindset, energy and connection to spirit, it is difficult to go back to an average Joe mindset. Yes, there may be days you have a Debbie-downer, but you will always be drawn back up to greatness because you will have experienced self-belief, broken through mind block barriers and been given the taste of freedom away from the rat race.

This is why I created Conscious Female Entrepreneurs.

About Me…

I am a mother of four, nearly 5 and I know that motherhood does not stop you doing what you want to do. Yes, it can make things that little bit more difficult, but if you want something bad enough you find a way, or you find excuses. I work because I love that feeling of supporting my family, I’m addicted to the feeling of feeling like superwoman….after coffee obvs… I enjoy ticking my to do list off. I get stuff done. Ok, not the housework. The housework, I do not get done.

However, I work around the time I have. I have learned to listen to my body, my intuition, and my mind. They have been my greatest teachers. I know that we can have it all, but not when we are drained, lack focus, lack energy and lack motivation. If we do things purely for money, it will drain us, if we do things we love, we won’t have to work.

I love a lot of things and I believe it’s ok not to have a passion until you find your passion, or not. For me, working on a project to project basis, was how I thrived. My career journey has given me many invaluable skills from a resilient work ethic, expertise in PR, Marketing and Media Work, the clear understanding on Strategy building and what success takes in both a professional and personal situation.


Get to know me better…

 A master of starting 6-figure businesses from £0

 Yahoo’s business and finance top ten coaches to work with to grow your business

 I work with high profile and celebrity clients  –  who are just like you and I!

 I called Lord Sugar Lustful (don’t ask)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE being an entrepreneur!

Sa Ta Na Ma – Guided meditation

The 12 minute routine to transform your energy.

Dispersing the energetic blocks that hold you back.

Step into your power

Canva Workshop

Join Jess & Steff as they show you how to get started with Canva and have your very own graphic designer in your back pocket. 

Fun fact…

I seem to launch businesses whilst heavily pregnant!!!! And I a lover of Smooth FM radio 

Business Details

Hey I am Jess, founder of CFE, BBC Apprentice finalist, Public speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and unrealistic goal hitter!! 

I work with clients on a 1:1 basis, but also within groups and mentorships to transform their energy, life, and business!

I am a practitioner in: NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reike and PSYCHE- K!